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Game News
Welcome to the home of the Heartbreakers!

***We are currently recruiting for an open healer spot.  See news below for details.***

Welcome to our site!  If you're interested in joining please feel free to submit an application!  The link can be found at the top of the page.

About us:  We are a relatively new 10-man-only (and will remain that way into Cataclysm) raiding guild that focuses on teamwork and companionship.  We have a very tight-knit group of skilled players who have been working hard to clear ICC10 for the past couple months.  We only run one team 2 days a week and expect each individual to be alert, knowledgeable, and able to carry their own weight. 

We work as a team, and fail or succeed as a team.

We raid on Thursdays and Fridays, from 10pm - 2am server time.

We currently are 11/12 in ICC10(n) and have made a few attempts on Halion(RS10), but ICC remains our focus.
Other Guild News

The Heartbreakers are recruiting once more!

peroni.reeves, Jul 24, 10 7:07 PM.

We currently have a permanent raid spot open for a healer!
  We are interested mostly in either a Disc. Priest or a Resto Druid.  Resto Shamans may also apply.  We've got Holy Paladins covered.

What we are looking for in a healer:

- Must be able to raid on Thursdays and Fridays 10pm-2am server time, on a regular basis.  Some absences are understandable.
- Needs to be familiar with their class/rotation/spec and be comfortable working and communicating with other healers.
- Needs to be familiar with a standard raid environment (understand the basics of movement, positioning, raid mechanics)
- Must have Ventrilo installed and working.  We are moving to a Mumble server however and expect everyone to download and install it as well.  Someone in guild can help you set it up.
- Must have Deadly Boss Mods and Omen.
- Needs to be a team player who can take criticism and deal with the frustration and hardships of progression raiding.

If you are interested please apply here or contact Peroni/Rockarolla in game for more details.

Boss kill screenshots!

peroni.reeves, Jul 24, 10 6:54 PM.
coming soon

(our gm is lazy and hasn't posted them yet)

Blood Prince Council down!

peroni.reeves, May 9, 10 6:57 PM.
Thanks to everyone who hung in there with us!  Onward champions!

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